A dataset containing pressure records and derived sea surface height from a bottom-mounted pressure transducer data logger deployed at Marguerite Reef near Los Angeles, CA, USA. The device was deployed at a depth of approximately 10 meters, and sea level air pressure was 1014 mbar at the time of deployment. The pressure data logger was mounted approximately 10 cm above the benthos. Sampling rate was 4 Hz, so the total record represents 30 minutes of time.



A data frame with 7200 rows and 4 variables:


Date and time, with fractional seconds. UTC time zone.


Absolute pressure recorded by the data logger, in units of millibar (1 mbar = 100 Pascal). This value includes pressure due to the atmosphere above the sea surface, which was 1014 mbar during the deployment.


Pressure produced by the column of seawater above the data logger. The pressure due to the atmosphere above the sea surface has been subtracted off of the absolute pressure value absPressure.mbar to produce this value. Units of mbar.


Estimated depth in meters of the seawater column above the pressure data logger, converted from the swPressure.mbar value.


2016 Provided by Kristin Elsmore, UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory